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  1. how many

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    • 1. 多少 How many seasons are there in a year? 一年有幾個季節? How many students are there in your class? 你們班上有多少學生?
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    • how many 用法

      ... but how many (partners are in the activity...的一些文字省略,只剩下關鍵字,這裡的how many是省略後的關鍵字,句義會比較簡潔清楚...several U.S. states, but how many isn't known, said...

    • How many ....are there....?

      您好! How many circles are on May's hat? How...hat. 本句要形成問句時 因黃色部分的數字多少不知 因而用 How many circles 這個片語來當句子的開頭 變成 How many...

    • how many .much

      How many + 可數名詞。 How much + 不可數名詞。 How many dollar(s) = How...these boxes? (2)How much money do you have? (3)How many dollar is the pen? 魚湯多少錢,有兩種說法。 因為「魚湯」是可數名詞...