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    • 英語逗點前後時態、主詞一致問題

      ...補充: master DSG, Syntax-wise, there's no difference between "but" and "and". However, from semantic point of view, I think "but" is probably better than "and" in this...

    • 正確文法修正 關於e-mail的內容

      A 的文法錯誤 However, you canceled the request for Model Difference on May 8, 2007, is less work than originally anticipated. 這兩個句子前面有一個主詞[you]但是後面有兩個動詞...

    • 初學者文法請教?關於副詞是否加逗號的困惑

      ...上 consequently 結果 contrarily 相反地 conversely 相反地 finally 最後 furthermore 更進一步 equally 同樣地 hence 因此 however 總之 identically 一模一樣地 incidentally 順便提一提 indeed 的確 instead 不做如此,反而... likewise 同理 meanwhile 同時...