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  1. howl down

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    • 有人可以幫忙翻譯嗎?

      When the American housing boom winds down, some of the first howls of pain are likely to be heard in Europe and Asia. 當美國房地產景氣逐漸衰退,首當其衝的會是一些歐洲及亞洲國家

    • An unforgettable experience

      ...over our city, Kaohsiung. This day the rain poured down and the wind howled. Besides,there was constantly a crash of something falling. ...

    • 關於小說中的聲響效果,如何使用呢?

      ...呻吟) The old chiar gave a groan when the fat woman sat down on it. howls:The wind howled in the trees. howling with...