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    • 幫我重組句子(英文)

      ... and Henry call Agony, but all he did is whine. 3.let out / Agony / back and forth / in the culvert, / making / an awful racket.(雜音) /the howl / that reverberated(回音) Agony let out the howl in the culvert...

    • 拜託再幫我番一次這心理學的名詞吧!

      ... dogs experience separation anxiety when left alone. They will often whine, bark, cry, howl, chew, dig, scratch at the door, soil the house or destroy your home and yard. 3...

    • 英語「哭」聲該如何形容?急需答案!幫幫我!!!

      ...放聲痛哭, 大叫 whimper 啜泣, 抽噎; 嗚咽; (狗等)低吠 screech 驚恐、痛苦的喊叫 howl 怒吼; 號啕大哭 shriek 喊叫 whine (狗等)發哀鳴聲 moan 呻吟聲; 嗚咽聲 snivel 嗚咽而泣, 哭訴 圖片參考:http...