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  1. huff

    • IPA[həf]


    • v.
      blow out loudly; puff;express one's annoyance or offense
    • n.
      a fit of petty annoyance
    • verb: huff, 3rd person present: huffs, gerund or present participle: huffing, past tense: huffed, past participle: huffed

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. blow out loudly; puff he was huffing under a heavy load
    • 2. express one's annoyance or offense ‘Huh!’ Nanny huffed he huffed out his sudden irritation
    • 3. North American informal sniff fumes from (gasoline or solvents) for a euphoric effect kids that are huffing spray paint like crazy


    • 1. a fit of petty annoyance she walked off in a huff