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  1. human library

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 真人圖書館;活人圖書館 Some universities have established human libraries wherein students can borrow teachers for up to two hours. 有些大學已成立真人圖書館,學生可以借老師用上兩小時。
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      ...3124-base pair full-length clone (which is) directly isolated from the human DC cDNA library encoded a type I transmembrane protein of 602 amino acids (which...

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      中華汽車公司的人力培育部是由人力資源的專家、教育訓練的導師,以及智庫員工所整合而成的 中華汽車公司的人力培育部由是人力資源的專家、教育訓練的導師,以及智庫員工所整合而成的 中華汽車公司的人力培育部由是人力資源的專家、教育訓練的導師,以及智庫員工所整合而成的

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      .... First, it helps(要用主詞) humans to sort the (data不是information) quickly. Let people use...get the information. We don't have to go to the library and just use a computer to look for the information at home...