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  1. human nature

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    • 1. 人性 I believe that human nature is good. 我相信人性是善良的。
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    • 英文文法問題_ the human-nature relat

      第36題 36. ________ depends on their ideas of the human-nature relationship. (1)What do with nature (2)Doing with nature (3...

    • human nature

      人ㄉ本性~人ㄉ本性~人ㄉ本性~ 人ㄉ天性~ @@

    • 請高手解說一句英文的句型結構

      Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore? 這是愛書人喜愛引用的一句話...一個同等比較 so.... as ....。你可以這麼看,一步步推出來: Human nature is weak in a book store. (人性在書店很軟弱...