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    • 恥辱,丟臉,謙卑
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    • 雙語週報裡的文章-英文文法問題

      ...that the strip routinely dealt head on with emotional issues like angst and humiliation. 這部漫畫總是直接針對憂慮, 羞辱等情緒上的主題來探討, 但是這個特質偶爾...

    • 永不忘記恥辱的英文句子

      ...謹舉數例, 或許也能用括弧裡的字代替 insult: Lest we forget this insult (humiliation / shame / disgrace). Let's never forget this insult (humiliation / shame / disgrace...

    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯這首歌內的英文

      .... (請在我崩潰前釋放我) How long... (多久) In humiliation (在恥辱中) The countless fatal scar was bom. (不計其數的致命傷痕...