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  1. hurry

    • IPA[ˈhʌri]


    • v.
      move or act with great haste;do something more quickly
    • n.
      great haste;a need for haste; urgency
    • noun: hurry

    • verb: hurry, 3rd person present: hurries, gerund or present participle: hurrying, past tense: hurried, past participle: hurried

    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • v.
    • 1. move or act with great haste:

      we'd better hurry

      servants hurried around

    • 2. do something more quickly:

      hurry up and finish your meal

    • 3. cause to move with haste:

      she hurried him across the landing

    • 4. do or finish (something) quickly or too quickly:

      formalities were hurried over

    • n.
    • 1. great haste:

      in my hurry to leave I knocked over a pile of books

    • 2. a need for haste; urgency:

      there's no hurry to get back

  2. 知識+

    • 請問hurryhurry up有什麼差別

      Hurry當動詞可以用作"催促"的意思~~ A催促B (A hurries B.) 也可以解釋成匆忙~~ 他趕回家 (He hurried home.) 當名詞的時候也是匆忙的意思,有片語in a hurry Hurry up...

    • 關於英文 hurry up和 quickly 用法分別

      hurry up ﹙動詞片語﹚趕快   hurry (v.) 趕快;匆促﹙行動或移動﹚;催促~匆促﹙行動或移動...差不多,但是加了up感覺語氣較強,且較有種「移動」的意味﹚Hurry or you'll be late.   快點,否則你將會遲到。She hurried...

    • hurry音標

      (老師說沒有 r ,是因為他沒有看到 r) hurry 的 KK 音標 [ʹhɝɪ], 好像沒 /r/ ,但其實有 [r] 的音。你看 /ɝ/ 右上角...國際音標符號,標注美國發音。所以在台灣都說 KK 音標就是美國音。 而 hurry 這個字,KK 音標注 [ʹhɝɪ] ,表示大部分美國讀書人這樣念,但在 ...