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    • 請問hurried in該怎麼解釋???

      ...come in. 請進。 在屋裡;在家 I called on him; but he wasn't in. 我去拜訪他,但他不在家...了。 2006-04-22 20:36:27 補充: When the teacher hurried in, we were playing computer games.當...

    • on board怎用? ((20點)) a hurry to get aboard" is the same as "I am in a hurry to get on board" (我趕著要上船) 但是 "I am in a hurry to get on board...

    • 拜託急需~幫我翻成英文 謝謝

      ... Godmother: My lord, it is getting late. Hurry up on the carriage! Have fun! <yells as the carriage ...