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  1. hurtling

    • hurtle的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
  2. 知識+

    • 數字+times+名詞???

      ...chunk of rock 400 times the City of London is set to hurtle (towards the Earth) ... 後面的結構好像有問題,可能打漏或打錯字了。因為...

    • ''中翻英''~~急~~

      ...the disaster this morning, cause a Dalian knot car from went up north to hurtle in to go down south the driveway after, become the another to make track for to knock down...

    • 英文日記~~ 幫忙翻譯喇!!

      ...stroll together with friend, Met heavy rain as a result! We pour rain and hurtle to go home But went to a half we because of feeling hungry so...