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  1. husband and wife

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      夫妻; 夫婦
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    • 1. 夫妻; 夫婦 They are husband and wife. 他們是夫婦。
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    • 離婚協議書, 委託書英翻中!!急~~給10點~~謝謝!

      1. The Husband and Wife shall be responsible for any debt in his or...officially dissolving a marriage shall require both Husband and Wife to file a petition for divorce at a local ...

    • 布朗夫婦的英文要怎拼?

      布朗夫婦-----Mr.andMrs.Brown husband and wife 是丈夫和妻子 英文不會用husband and wife當作夫婦 布朗先生是Mr.Brown 布朗太太是Mrs.Brown 布朗小姐是Ms.Brown

    • 媽媽去哪裡了??

      Where did mother go to? ? Pair of husbands and wives frequently quarrel, one day, two people also the economic problem quarrelled for the...