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    • 離婚協議書, 委託書英翻中!!急~~給10點~~謝謝!

      1. The Husband and Wife shall be responsible for any debt in his or her name only. ...補充: 4. In case that Husband or Wife cannot be physically...

    • 請問稱謂的英文怎麼寫

      ... brother's wife? sister-in-law 姑子;弟媳 The sister of one's husband or wife; also, the wife of one's brother; sometimes, the wife of one's husband's or wife's...

    • 文法檢查..敗托囉!

      ...都要改) us wrote(write /let是使役動詞) down you(your) ideal husband or wife. I think that I have a(不用加冠詞 sense表感覺 通常不可數) similar...