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  1. hush up

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    • 1. 防止某事物(尤指醜聞)張揚出去 The government hushed the affair up to avoid a public outcry. 當局對此事秘而不宣, 以免引起公眾抗議。
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    • 請教英文高手有關句型的問題

      ...and if there is not public criticism ... there are bound to be hushed-up scandals. 最後這句是承接if。If A, B. 用法很正常...

    • 誰可以幫我翻譯這首歌?

      ...骨子裡 and you jerk it out 你就盡情的搖擺 jerk it out 盡情的High shut up , hush your mouth 安靜 , 閉上你的嘴 can't you hear you talk to loud? 你不覺得...

    • 英文 送20點 只要幫我找出文章中的分詞構句

      ...the great oak tree. The bus acquired a dark, hushed mood, full of the silence of absence and lost years...five. Then, suddenly, all of the young people were up out their seats, screaming and ...