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    • 偽善的,偽善者的
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    • 請幫我翻譯這一句中文 to 英文

      A hypocritical girl is always unpopular. or An insincere girl is always unwelcomed. The "insincere" is exchangable with "hypocritical". It is the same as "unpopular" and "unwelcomed".

    • 這三個英文單字怎拼?

      偽善: hypocritical【偽善的,虛偽的】 double-faced【有兩面的;雙重性的;偽善的;兩面派的...

    • 請幫我拼成英文 {{很急}}

      虛偽:hypocritical 假裝:pretended 習慣:habitual 厭倦:tiresome 有你們真好:It is so wonderful to have all of you 親愛們:my dearest friends