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    • 假設和測試
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    • 統計統計~Ho, Ha 的Hypothesis

      ...standard error of the proportion =根號{p*(1-p)/n}=根號{0.5*(1-0.5)/800}=0.01768 b. Test statistic: T=[phat-p]/根號{p*(1-p)/n}=[0.58-0.5]/根號{0.5*(1-0.5)/800...

    • 有關statistics

      ...line) and non-linear regression. 2006-08-10 09:13:54 補充: Significance test: With a given hypothesis and a sample of collected data relating to the hypothesis...

    • 統計關於Null- hypotheses

      ...error of the mean =根號{Sx2/n}=根號{4/5}=0.8944 c.Determine the test statistic. 檢定統計量T=[Xbar-21]/根號{Sx2/n}=[19-21]/根號...