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    • 拜託各位用國一英文程度幫我解答

      1. I am( on )the bus to the store. I will get( on... and Cart get off the bus at this station. 3. 我下次可以騎機車去醫院嗎? Next time, can I ride a motorcycle to the Hospital...

    • 拜託幫我英文翻中 急~謝謝

      ...Were you in the same bus with me to Portsmouth yesterday? Ya! I was in the same bus with you yesterday on the way to Portsmouth. 沒錯 我昨天是跟你一起在...

    • 從屬連接詞when的問題

      ... called me when I was still on the bus. 我還在公車上時,Jeff打電話...無法有現在式,因為會時態錯誤。 進行式 I was still on the bus when (while) Jeff was ...