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    • 誠邀英語高手協助翻譯

      ..., Long time no see! I can relate to your irritation,because I... Myreason = My reason thosein = those in theentire =the entire toassociate = to associate Phew...what a bummer...

    • 15點!幫我修改這段「未來計畫」短文好嗎?

      ...的片語,因為是後位修飾,be動詞是省略的,如果要用with 的話,我覺得應該是relating with) what I am going to do as possible as I can. Moreover, for the purpose of keeping improving myself...

    • 幫我看看此文章

      ...response. Correct:Fourth, attending regular meetings related to the hotel management, so I can clearly identify my responsibility. Finally, I will go abroad go tourism...