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    • 中文翻英文?給10分....急!!!

      1.When do I have to pay? 2.120已包含手續費,它是告訴你其中的20元是銀行的手續費 2007-02-07 10:06:54...就可以了, 第一個問題我沒答完整,應該是 When do I have to pay this payment? 其實重點只要對方明白你的意思即可, 因為一句話總有很多種說法...

    • 關於英文文法選擇問題

      ...driver to drive faster, he said ( ) 1.he will grive faster if I pay him more 2.I will drive faster if you pay me more 3.He would drive...

    • 該時何用英文殺價

      ...25 16:45:07 補充: 修正後: 1.Can you give me a discount for these? 2. Can i pay only eithty percent of this price? 3. Can i get eithty percent discount of these...