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    • 1. 就我來說 For my part, I don't mind where we eat. 對我來說, 到哪兒吃飯都無所謂。
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    • 英作文My favorite part of the day

      My Favorite Part of the Day When I say this is...that passed all understanding. So, my favorite part of the day is before the sun even comes up...

    • 請問"頭髮分邊"的英文

      I part my hair on the left.時,大部分的頭髮是向右梳 I part my hair to the left.時,大部分的頭髮是向左梳. 所以兩句的內容是相反的. 2010...

    • 句子沒有動詞?

      你提供的這句話可能有問題。 part當動詞,句子應寫作:My brother and I parted in Paris.或My brother was parted from me in...