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    • 英文信件檢查錯誤!拜託了!20點奉送!

      ...I apologize for bothering you again. I actually have one more concern about my...out my document and portfolio for this application since the middle in XXX, and I yearn for delivery it. Nonetheless...

    • 幫忙翻譯這句英文,用字不太清楚

      ...如下︰ Though your eyes may not be the most seductive; however, your soul that lives within is the only one that I yearn for intimacy. 雖然你的眼神不是最為誘惑人,然而裡面住著我最渴望親密的靈魂...

    • 英文不好 ~請幫忙翻譯謝謝

      ...我總希望我的美夢能成真 You are my dream, my reality, you are all that I yearn for 你是我的夢想、我的現實生活,你的一切一切都是我所渴求的 To love...