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  1. i.w.

    • abbreviation
      inside width.;isotopic weight.
  2. 知識+

    • I W T H Y 是神麼意思?

      ...********* IWTHU=I want to have u or I want to hug u 翻譯:我想要你or 我想要抱抱你...

    • 英文口頭報告

      ... up? You seem happy! W: Of course I'm happy. Look at these! My...shower you with gifts and you will like me. W: I like you already. But I...

    • You are the illuminant of my W

      illuminant 是會發光的東西,如燈,星星 You are the illuminant of my world 你(如明燈)照亮了我的世界。