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  1. ice plant

    • n.
      either of two succulent plants which are widely cultivated for their flowers.;a machine or installation for making ice artificially.
    • noun: ice plant, plural noun: ice plants

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    • ice plant 的資料

      Ice Plant Ice Plant, common name for a hardy annual herb (see ...about 15 cm (about 6 in). Scientific classification: The ice plant belongs to the family Aizoaceae. It is...

    • 請問各種花的英文、花語及花色

      ...2008-06-23 23:53:12 補充: • Kingcup - Desire for riches • Ice plant - Your looks freeze me • Iris - Faith; hope...

    • Last Days of the Ice Hunters翻譯

      冰原獵人的末日 狗橇沿著結冰海面的粗糙邊緣滑行前進,詹斯丹尼爾遜跪在上面,"喝噜!喝噜!",他急切的吆喝著,"走左邊,走左邊,阿茲喀,阿茲喀,走右邊,走右邊,"他15隻狗的團隊,小心的移動著.儘管三月末旬的冰凍溫度,冰層卻已經破裂了,使得旅程變得危險."海的冰層...