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  1. ideals

    • ideal的名詞複數
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    • My Ideal room

      ---------My Ideal Room-------- ----APART FROM THE DINING, to sleep,sit and work comfortably in my bedroom.It is my ideal of what a bed room should be.

    • is there a uiversal ideal of 美

      ...universal beauty standard? Universal beauty standard 1. Some people believe that ideal beauty can be reduced to a facial geometry based on the Golden...

    • 誰能幫我寫一篇”An Ideal World”為題的英文文章

      我幫你寫一些An Ideal World的方向.提供你一些靈感.我不能幫你寫作業.You have ... we don’t like in that world; we live in this one.” 2."In an ideal world…I would upload those downloaded services.” 3.“...