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    • AD和 ID是什麼意思呢?

      AD = advertisement ID = identity (or usually used as identity card)

    • 母親節來了,消費市場大打“感恩”牌

      ...兩岸關係 playing the cross-strait relations card. 2.) 打統獨牌 playing the independence card. ...加拿大對魁北克. 新疆, Tibet, 蒙古對中國. 看來 identity dispute. 那麼 Play the identity dispute card 應該可以...

    • 國中英文問...

      ...文意: There are many Problems in the city 回答問題" Is there any picture in the box? No, nothing in it. What's there in the desk? There's a student's identity card. 你在煮晚餐嗎? Are you cooking dinner? 對話跟敘述的時候都必須使用進行式 看漫畫 read comic books 只要看報章雜誌之類的都要用read