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    • 設計專業用語英翻中

      ...advertisement - 廣告 4.poster - 海報 5.visual communication - 視覺傳達 6.font - 字體 7.brand identity - 品牌識別 8.san serif - 字體的一種 9.display - 展示 10.sigh - 嘆氣 (此英文您...

    • 王建民簡介文章英文翻譯~~~急!!!

      ...the foreign base ball group of New York in identity of exchanging students, work hard for...the big alliance. Wang JianMin was signed by talent scout John Cox and Gordon...

    • 能否幫我翻譯文章3(英翻中)20點 watch merchants and lawyers closely for signs of greed . Some wealthy merchantsbought confessional ..., and vocation theologically connected personal identity and morality with work.Meanwhile ,the growing...