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    • 這英文廣告有些聽不懂

      ...protect your mail and mailbox 9. routine credit checks What do identity thieves need to create a “new you”? 1. social security number 2. birthdate 3. computer...

    • 幫我翻譯這超難的句子..急!

      1. imagine you were a thief's identity, you apply for a credit card in the name of and any squandered your money, but...information before them to scrap or cut pieces, is another way to prevent identity theft.

    • 請各位好心大大幫我翻譯喔~英翻中~有點急!!!

      身分偷竊是為了欺詐某人的身分的鍛造 、以受害者的名義申請並且使用信用狀或者申請一筆債款。  但是它也能將僅僅假裝賊的自己的身分 、特別如果賊正由於法律實施隱藏或者正營運有點消息。