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  1. idiosyncrasy

    • KK[͵ɪdɪəˋsɪŋkrəsɪ]
    • DJ[͵idiəˋsiŋkrəsi]


    • n.
    • 名詞複數:idiosyncrasies

    • 相關詞
    • idiosyncrasy的名詞複數
    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[ˌɪdɪəˈsɪŋkrəsi]



    • n.
      習性; 特點
    • 特質,特性


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      ... and student's studying type attitude and to some extent; Third, idiosyncrasy of teacher of Chinese, education theory and ethnicity attitude to influence ...

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      ...larceny from a flivver magazine. The protagonist was originally a secretary of good idiosyncrasy. However, as soon as his boss put a compulsory cessation to their...

    • Rejected Addresses this; they certainly are found in company with it in Praed. Idiosyncrasy, in the strictest sense of an often misused word, was present...