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  1. if not

    • ph.
      (用於if 現在時態或現在完成時態之後)要不; 不然;(用於yes/no疑問句之後, 表示許諾、告誡等)要不; 否則
    • 釋義


    • 1. (用於if 現在時態或現在完成時態之後)要不; 不然 I'll go if you're going -- if not I'd rather stay at home. 你去我就去, 否則我寧可待在家裡。 If you've finished we can have a coffee -- if not, you'd better keep working. 你要是完事了, 咱們可以喝杯咖啡--不然的話, 你最好接著幹下去。
    • 2. (用於yes/no疑問句之後, 表示許諾、告誡等)要不; 否則 Are you ready? If not, I'm going without you. 準備好了嗎?要不, 我就自己去了。
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    • " ..., if not... " 用法

      if not + N/Ving = 即使不(到xxx的程度), 也.... It was, at the very least, exploitative and thoughtless treatment, if not animal cruelty. 就算不到動物虐待的程度, 這也最起碼是剝削且有欠體恤的對待...

    • not if 的用法

      not ifif ..not 不一樣 A, not if B. 指如果B成立,則A不成立。 A...up! We might be able to catch up the program. B: Not if there is a queue. B說:『如果有排隊的話...

    • if not more so ←這什麼意思?

      > if not more so ←這什麼意思? if not more so = as XXX as "something" if not more XXX than "something" e.g. Writing is as useful...