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    • 過去假設語氣可以這樣用嗎?

      If he were telling the truth, he wouldn't have told...因此, 同樣一句話,我會把它寫成 If he hadn't told us, he would be telling the truth. 如果他當時沒告訴我們(某件...

    • 假設語氣要怎麼表示

      ...現在事實相反 If I were you, I would tell the truth. If he knew the truth, he...02 22:56:51 補充: 假設未來If you were to tell her the truth, I would never talk to you...

    • 請幫我解釋倒文法,be it someone in need

      ...種固定型假設語氣用法有幾個常用的: •be that as it may 既來之則安之 •if need be 若真有需要 •truth be told 實話來說吧 •God bless [you | her | him | them...