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  1. ignorance is bliss

    • ph.
      if one is unaware of an unpleasant fact or situation one cannot be troubled by it
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    • 請幫忙 翻下面幾句諺語 with fire, you get burnt. 玩火自焚 Ignorance is bliss. 無知是福 Ignorance of the law is... to be born lucky than rich. It is better to give than to receive. 施比...

    • 翻譯:that ignorance is bliss

      Ignorance is bliss. 無知便是福!!! ^^

    • 英文段落求翻譯

      ... Faris , playing dumb has been a smart move. 為Faris, 演奏沉默寡言是聰明... herself as an expert in the art of bliss-full ignorance , whether she's playing a vacuous pop star...