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  1. ill at ease

    • ph.
      uncomfortable or embarrassed
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    • ph.
      uncomfortable or embarrassed

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • [高中英文大滿貫] 3冊 克漏試題A(須解析)

      1.此題選C,ill at ease 是心神不寧;不安的意思 Shy people feel nervous and ill at ease 害羞的人...with ease是簡單;容易 (D) in ease是安逸;輕鬆 ex:They live in ease.他們過著安逸的生活 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2...

    • 5小題英文問題..誰可以教我呢?

      ..., 到仿傚...... 3.John appeared embarrassed ..and ill at ease with the compliment made by his teacher. ill at ease 侷促不安的 http...

    • 英文片語及慣用語的翻譯(厲害的幫我一下) hot water泡湯 17.on leave休假中 18.took advantage of利用... 19.ill at ease不自在 20.all smiles笑容滿面 the seventh heaven極樂世界中...