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    • 這篇作文哪裡要改進?

      ... feel upset ABOUT someone or something, I would eat chocolate and it WOULD MAKE me FEEL better. A scienTIFIC..., IT IS BAD FOR THE HEALTH...

    • 請幫忙中翻英!!

      ... you up, but I suddenly felt ill / very uncomfortable.2. Upon hearing the terrible/bad news, he was totally at someone with a bad/poor record (OR: an infamous record).薯條: (...

    • [高中英文大滿貫] 3冊 克漏試題A(須解析)

      ...ill at ease 是心神不寧;不安的意思 Shy people feel nervous and ill at ease 害羞的人會覺得緊張和促侷不安 (A...七上八下,像是有蝴蝶在胃裡 3.此題選B, make a bad impresion on 是給某人一個不好的印象 4.此題選C...