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    • 喜模仿的,偽造的,摹擬的
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    • 單字3態~急 馬上要>0<

      這些都很簡單吧~ 2. confident 3. consist 4. criticism 5. dependent 6. imitative 7. judicial 8. support 2006-06-16 01:30:29 補充: 對了, 要告訴你說, 這些字其中...

    • TOUCH英文單字的分析

      ...quot;to knock, strike" as a bell (cf. Sp. tocar, It. toccare), perhaps of imitative origin. Meaning "to get or borrow money" first recorded...

    • 語言學-單字-翻譯-10點

      Onomatopoetic-->use of word that are imitative of sounds occurringin nature or that have meanings that are...