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    • 外來的移民,移居入境
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    • Taiwan immigration啥意似?

      Taiwan immigration 就是說台灣的移民局 或者移民廳 移民署 看政府是怎麼叫就是怎麼叫 大概吧 2008-03-29 21:27:54 補充: 移民應該是 immigrants

    • 請問emigration跟immigration差異?

      emigration指的是移出某個國家 immigration指的就是移民摟 另外migration指的是遷移 The emigration of this country ...

    • Immigration question (USA)

      NO, simply put, you have no legal grounds to petition for her at all now. Not until after you are married anyway... Check the eligibility for green ard here: