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  1. immigration authorities

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    • get down someone's neck的意思

      ...39;s neck 1. Pursue someone closely; pose a threat to one, as in The immigration authorities were breathing down his neck. [Mid-1900s] 2. Watch...

    • 請問國考英文考題

      1. 「與過去事實相反的假設語句」句型: 主詞 + would(或could)+ have + p.p. + if + 主詞 + had + p.p. 「這二位女士當初(先前)要是與當局多加配合的話,她們就可以避免被移民局錯誤地拘留了。」 2,這題是考「字義」。 manage to + V: 「用各種方法去、設法去」做某事。 「這...

    • 緊急,請幫忙翻這小篇文的中翻英

      ...著很大的影響。 With the gradual economic recovery in Taiwan, government authority is evaluating to loosen up the immigration constraint on backpackers from China. Such policy change, once...