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    • 聽寫訂正,檔案長度1分11秒

      ...these stuff any more. The accruement of teaching are really not as impartment as relationship between students and teachers. And I know...

    • 中翻英,很急,請快

      It was special experience for me to visit foreigners. 訪問外國人對我而言是一個特別的經驗。 This is the first time I have visited foreigners . 這是我第一次訪問他們。 It was so interesting...

    • 請幫我看我英文有沒有寫錯

      這是我改的,基本上,你的寫作有點台灣式英語,我覺得啦!不然你就是用翻譯軟體翻的,因為有些地方很奇怪。你看看改過的。 While servicing accounting department of trading company, I confronted with dilemma in my life: my...