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    • 妨礙,阻礙,阻止
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    • 請幫幫我翻譯醫學英文 白話點

      ...cardiovascular disease risk factors as individual entities has unfortunately impeded this idea of combined risk factor intervention tinking應該是thinking...

    • Unimpeded和draw out在此的意思?

      ...內容去修正. unimpeded:(形容詞)未受阻的;暢通無阻的 2010-02-02 00:20:51 補充: [impede]是動詞: 妨礙,阻礙;阻止 The attempt to rescue the climbers ...

    • 可以幫我翻譯嗎?<醫學>

      Obliterating, a pulse prevents measurement, and impeding blood flow or causing arterial spasm can be dangerous to a patient. 對病人來說,消除(一種脈搏阻止測量法)及妨礙血流或導致動脈痙孿是危險的。