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  1. imported films

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    • 一些英文單字.急~~~~

      ...動畫片 cartoon; animated cartoon 功夫片 kung-fu movie 外國片 foreign film; imported picture 布偶電影 moppet movie 立體電影 3-D [three-dimensional] film 全景電影...

    • 可以幫忙中文翻成英文嗎?

      ...of the brand. However, the brand is not imported in Taiwan and it is only sold.... I also like to watch Japanese films and I want to visit the places that ...

    • 英文文法-改錯

      ... hour.7.The law states that (an) imported car (must be equipped) with specified(safety...those people (wanting) (to drive) a motor vehicle.12.(Film) is (developed) in a room (that) is...