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  1. impose on

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      加(稅, 義務等)於; 強使某人接受...;贏得某人的歡心, 佔某人便宜(尤指施加不當的壓力)
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    • 1. 加(稅, 義務等)於; 強使某人接受... The judge imposed a fine of ten pounds on him. 法官課他十英鎊罰金。 Don't try to impose your wishes on us. 休想把你的意志強加給我們。
    • 2. 贏得某人的歡心, 佔某人便宜(尤指施加不當的壓力) I hope it's not imposing on your hospitality, but could I stay to dinner? 我可以在您這兒吃頓飯嗎?不過希望不要使您為難(覺得我不知趣)。


    加(稅, 義務等)於; 強使某人接受...

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    • Do as you would be done by差別

      這兩句意思是不同的Have behaved, do not impose on others1. have behaved的behave為動詞:”行為端正”之意,have behaved...

    • 請問一題英文(普34)

      If we impose a heavy _____ on littering, no one will dare to throw away their garbage...分詞,為什麼?介係詞on在此處有甚麼特別的用法嗎? 此處的onimpose on的用法,介係詞後接V-ing 所以為impose on littering...

    • 英文翻譯20點 謝謝 急 謝謝

      ...是一種以身體性特徵為標準的社會分類 Gender is a social category imposed on a sexed body. Corrent me if I am wrong, 但是...