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    • 監禁,下獄,坐牢
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    • 請問imprisonment與incarceration差別

      incarceration除了可指牢獄也可指被監禁其他地方。如被監禁在精神病醫院 incarceration in a psychiatric hospital。 其實沒時麼差異,兩字意義是差不多的,算是同義字,用法一樣。只是 incarceration算是比較正式的用字。

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      ... the most serious drugs, so they there's only death penalty and life imprisonment can be chooesed. B:But now there's no death penalty, so they must be...

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      ... amendment " would have commuted to a fine six months imprisonment micro offense, or in accordance with Article 41 paragraph 2 dressers social...