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  1. improved

    • KK[ɪmˋpruvd]
    • DJ[imˋpru:vd]


    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • Rapidly improving english

      ...一樣的. I see two problems. 1) Your goal is not to improve your command of the English language, but to pass the certification ...

    • improve ,reform,modify

      improve意思是改善,reform意思是改革,modify意思是修飾,我的感覺是沒有非常相近到會搞混,看到句子應該就可分辨: Let's improve our English by reading the magazine . Most of the ...

    • To improve English Speaking

      If you are looking at purely english speaking to improve your pronounciation, as what the others have suggested, try ...