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  1. improvement

    • IPA[ɪmˈpruːvmənt]



    • n.
      改善;增加; 減少
    • 名詞複數:improvements

    • 釋義


    • 1. 改善 an improvement in East-West relations 東西方關係的改善 she has shown some improvement in maths 她的數學成績有所提高
    • 2. 增加; 減少 a significant improvement in the sales figures 銷售數字的大幅增長 there has been an improvement in the infant mortality rate 嬰兒死亡率降低了
    • 3. 改進之處; 改善的事物 what do you think of my new hairstyle? — it's an improvement 你覺得我的新髮型怎麼樣?──比原來的好 the new edition is a considerable improvement on the old one 新版本較舊版本有了很大的改進
    • 4. 整修 to make/carry out improvements to the house 對房屋進行整修 a road improvement scheme 道路修繕計劃