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    • 歸罪,使負責,嫁禍於
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    • 請問這句英文的翻譯: Rate used to impute

      Rate used to impute interest is tied to average yield on certain federal securities...

    • 有關一些會計題目的英文

      1.imputed interest on funds used during construction(share financing) 工程期間用款的預估利息 2.abstract company's fee for title search 扣去地契搜尋(搜證)的費用 2012-06-16 01:52:42 補充: title search = 對所有權的蒐證

    • 懷念, 感恩祖先的英文

      ... and accomplishments be credited to God! (認同)3.impute something tosomebody (something) 把事情失敗歸咎某人【壞事才可】 I imputed...