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  1. in behalf of


    • ph.
    • 相關詞
    • ph. 代表,為了,以某人的名義

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    • ph.
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    • 英文演講搞 !

      .... (幾號).I'd like to extend greetings to all of you here in this place on behalf of our school .[本人謹 代表我們的學校在此向各位問安]. Today...

    • It is about the quantum number

      ...behalf of s orbital, l=1 is on behalf of p orbital, and so on. ml is on behalf of Magnetic quantum number. It decides the direction in the space and the orbital's numbers. For each l has 2l...

    • 這一句如何翻成英文呢?!

      ... teamwork andobedience. B. I amhonored to be chosen to serve in the company on behalf of our national façade. In that special unit, I again...