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  1. in touch with

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    • 1. 與...有聯繫

      A newspaper keeps one in touch with the world. 報紙使人與世事保持接觸。





    • ph. 了解某事的信息

    • I try to keep in touch with current events by reading the newspapers. 我經常讀報來盡量了解時事。

    • ph. 有聯繫

    • Let's keep in touch. 咱們保持聯繫。

      Do get in touch soon. 一定要盡早聯繫。

    • ph. 與...保持聯繫

    • I am trying to keep in touch with my old friends. 我正在設法和我的老朋友保持連絡。

      As they were both amateur radio enthusiasts, they were able to keep in touch with each other over the air. 他們倆人都是無線電愛好者﹐所以他們日常能用無線電來相互進行聯繫。

    • ph. 與……保持聯絡

    • We now keep in touch with him by writing letters. 我們現在靠寫信與他保持聯繫。

    • ph. 與…取得聯系

    • ph. 與…保持聯系

    • ph. 與…有聯系

    • ph. 探討內心世界

    • I've really been getting in touch with myself lately. 我最近真正深入探討內心世界。

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    • ph.
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