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  1. in trouble


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    • 1. 在危險(或受罰、痛苦、憂慮等)的處境中

      My friend is in great trouble about his child. 我的朋友為了他的孩子陷入困境。

      If we can't keep to the schedule, we'll be in (a lot of) trouble. 我們不按時完成計劃就要倒(大)楣了。

    • 2. 【口】(指未婚女子)懷孕



    • ph. 做某事有麻煩

    • Mr. Chen was having more and more trouble selling in his fruit. 陳先生賣水果時, 遇到越來越多的麻煩。

    • ph. 處於困境中

    • ph. 混水摸魚, 趁火打劫

    • Like many politicians, he likes to fish in troubled waters. 像許多政客一樣, 他喜歡混水摸魚。

      He was fishing in troubled waters. 他在混水摸魚。

    • ph. 很困難

    • ph. 混水摸魚

    • He was fishing in troubled waters. 他在混水摸魚。

    • ph. 混水摸魚,趁火打劫

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