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  1. in (or at) peril of

    • ph.
      very likely to incur or to suffer from
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    • at your peril 和 finance offers

      ...你自己負責如:Do it at your peril. 要幹儘管幹,危險自承當cues and... about your brand from a whole range of sources. So where is it in the supermarket? What’s the ...

    • 請問這句cues and clue是在表達什麼?

      ...影響的。 So where is it in the supermarket? 貴公司的產品在超級... about your brand and, of course, you use that power of impressions at your peril. 大家對貴公司的品牌印象主要是靠...

    • 英文句子翻譯 請詳述您的文章標題

      ...just review the market--and Atlantic's piece of it--in broad strokes. 他認為花一些時間概略檢視大西洋...look forward. You ignore the big picture at your peril. 很顯然地,你贏了這場戰役, 卻但輸了整個戰爭...