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    • 請各位英文達人幫忙修稿~

      ...even to the most remote corner on the planet, yet 15 years flew while no one had seen a staff step in or come out of this factory, let alone Willy Wonka himself. One day, a news came out that...

    • 急...幫忙翻譯from we to me中文!!20點

      ... nation even engaged in a bit of soul-searching, out-of-character in this reserved society. Dr.eye: 在這裡一點搜尋靈魂,不相稱的甚至...

    • role 與character的用法有何不同

      ...somebody or something, or the part somebody or something plays in an action or event 3. part played in social context... pattern of behavior that it entails character noun Definition: 1. distinctive...