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  1. in (or out of) line with

    • ph.
      in (or not in) alignment or accordance with
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    • 商業書信英翻中 however, I regret that

      However, I regret that, in line with the terms of liability set out in the National Conditions of Carriage, First Great ...

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      ..., or both. Firms may diversify to reduce the risk associated with a particular line of business or to even out cyclical earnings, such as might occur in a utility’s acquisition of a manufacturing company. 企業集團化是許多沒有...

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      ...6. work it out 6. 工作出它 7. stay out of something 7. 某事外出 8. a once-in-a-lifetime chance or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 8.一個一次-在-一-終生的...